Louise Hederström

Louise Hederström

Your design is quite graphic, and often executed in sheet metal. Isn’t that quite a harsh material?

- I see metal as a pliable material, and quite soft. I grew up on a farm where tractors and harrows were the everyday reality; they had an evident positive character. Sheet metal is perfect in my striving for a graphical expression. I use to work with paper in my design process, and paper bears a direct connection to sheet metal.

Embroidered lamps, a candleholder inspired by a volcano... Why is character so important in your design?

- I want to give my designs a personality; function has to be paired with character. I also enjoy when the user is part of the project, that makes its all that more enjoyable.

You excel in contrasts: open and closed, light and heavy, figurative and non-figurative....

- I love the contrasts between old and new. I like to work in between spaces, to see how form and materials meet each other. My design process is a lot about composing, that’s something I learned studying art in school and at the university.